about me
i love photography since i was a kid. my father had a very simple and analogue canon that i could used several times. when i was young i purchased a nikon f301 with manual focus. how lucky i was with this camera. i took slides in many beautiful places (budapest, sweden, praha, many cities of germany, italy and of course my beautiful south america like cuzco and machu picchu). at that time, i usually took only one picture when something interested me. later, i could buy a nikon d40. i was totally happy with digital photography because i could take more than ten photos of the same scene to choose the best capture. now I have a nikon d7100 and i want to exploit it improving my capture and processing technique. i work in computer vision. actually i am faculty at the universidad católica de chile at the department of computer science. i teach image processing, pattern recognition and computer vision… and i love to combine science and art… i mean computer science and photography art. i hope you enjoy my gallery.
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